Michelle Furyaka is the CEO and visionary leading NPD Global's innovative approach to recruiting. "We have to invest the time in finding out exactly what the client needs and we should not be afraid to make suggestions". She is striving every day to obtain long term and value based relationships with both clients and candidates. Michelle's mantra is, if we invest time and ask the right questions everything else will fall into place".

Michelle leads a team of sales, research and recruiting professionals that come with undeniable industry expertise.

Nagesh Davuluri - President Nagesh Davuluri has 18 years of experience working as a Recruiting Leader for major corporations within the New York City metro area. He has hands on experience as an IT Recruiter, working for large organizations like Comsys and Analysts International Corporation. He has multifaceted experience due to various positions he held as an IT Recruiter, Recruiting Manager, Sales Manager and as the President of his own IT staffing company. After a successful career that included awards by prestigious President’s Clubs with large companies, he started his own staffing and solutions company 8 years ago.

Mr. Davuluri also established an IT Solutions company called Zenstar Computer Solutions Private Limited in Hyderabad, India, with a focus on web development and ecommerce. Through Zenstar, his team has successfully delivered several web initiatives to various satisfied clients that include ecommerce companies, attorneys, accountants and other organizations.

Mr. Davuluri lives and works in New Jersey, and has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and an MBA from Oklahoma City University. Mr. Davuluri has a Red Belt in Tang Soo Do, a Korean Martial Art. He is currently training for a Black Belt in Tang Soo Do.